Saturday, February 12, 2011

Science City

From our place, we can walk to "Science City." There are all sorts of fun structures and stations and things that teach kids about various laws of physics and motion. Off-center see-saws and weights and tricky optical illusion stuff. That sort of thing. They even have cable cars and an Imax and a few rides and an entire building full of almost-life-sized extinct creatures. The kids LOVE it.

align="center"> (very cool image of Rabindranath Tagore)

We took an afternoon to visit Science City a few weeks ago, and took our housekeeper-childminder along. It was her first visit and boy was it memorable. Without intending to, we introduced her to many new (and terrifying experiences). First up: the monocycle. I asked her ahead of time if she was game, since it is so high off the ground and all, but it had not occurred to me that she would not know how to pedal! Oops.
Here is the video I made while trying to propel both her cycle and my own, in flip flop sandals, while filming (yes, yes, I am just that amazing):

And that was only the beginning. After the cycle, we took her through an unlit and very claustrophobic maze of mirrors, an Imax show about whitewater rafting, an exhibit of roaring dinosaur models (in the dark, again), and a rollercoaster simulator.
She hasn't quit on us yet, but I'll bet she was glad we went away on that Goa trip and gave her a little time off...

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Meredith said...

i love that your videos have sound now!!!