Sunday, February 13, 2011

countdown to the Party

A. will turn 5 in just under a week. We've started to talk party plans. She has requested a "Princess Bride" themed birthday party and thought maybe everyone should dress up as a character for fun. She chose to be the princess (of course). BR wants to be Wesley...or Inigo...or Prince Humperdink... Daddy wants to be the Giant. I am going to pick any of the characters with wild hair (the Albino, or Miracle Max's wife, maybe?). And that brings us to L. Who does she want to be?

An R.O.U.S., of course.


Kris Livovich said...

Only if she pronounces it like Josie does: R.O.U.Asses.

Ellen said...

Does that mean the R.O.U.S. will go around chewing on Wesley at this shindig?

clairesd said...

bwahaha! ya'll crack me up.