Saturday, February 12, 2011

hey, look, new friends!

Not all of our loyal fans know this, so it deserves its own post: one of my childhood friends (from Morocco days) lives here in Kolkata!

Stephanie has two small children of her own and just this evening, BR told me that her three year-old son is one of his "bestest friends" (along with Geneva, P-roc, eloiseandmargot and Wyatt, in case you wanted the list).

Stephanie and her husband Paul have been here for almost a year and they have shown us the ropes a bit and introduced us to other folks, too. Some of them also have kids (yay, playmates!).

Paul and Jeremy have hit it off, with a common love of outdoor activities, the Northwest (oops, redundant), and pretending they're old men--I mean, smoking their pipes.

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.m. said...

Northwest/redundant. Bwaaahhhaaa! Oh, but also true.