Tuesday, January 18, 2011

taking pride in their work

We don't have all that many homeschooling successes around here, so I hope you kind readers will indulge me. They were just so proud of their creations -- just look at those faces.

1. Here is BR, doing...something. Keeping himself busy while I looked after the girls, I guess. Those are pieces from the wood pizza set from B&C (thank you!) arranged in a ring around a desk chair. (Art, I think. Or maybe Science?)

2. We don't have a library or very many very-early-reader books around here and the internet connection is bad during the school hours, but we do have a very-early reader. What to do? Write our own, I guess.
Here is little author-A., designing, writing and illustrating her first book, using the make-your-own comic book kit from Kris. (thank you!)
Cat. Fat. Sat. Mat. The fat cat sat on the mat. And then she added word bubbles like "Howdy!" and "Wow!" because it was supposed to be a comic book, after all.
3. Geography project for the week*: Physical Map of India, with rivers and cities. Isn't it gorgeous?

(* yeah, right. as if we have a Geography project each week. As if we do Geography every week. Bah.)


Kris Livovich said...

So glad you don't do geography each week. It's a load off my mind. I thought we were going to have to step up the school work to keep up!

Although judging by my Josie's outfit yesterday we still have you beat in "worst dressed" category. That girl does love to be naked.

Anonymous said...

did you help her put her grampa on the map this week??

p-roc's mom said...

wow. i love the art installation. "office furniture with blocks and tea towel: an etude". very avant-garde.

i want to see the finished comic book too! and if L gets bored with maps, just give her a compass and sextant and have her navigate for you in your next foray into the city... :)