Saturday, January 1, 2011

so many trees

On Friday, we discovered the Botanical Gardens of Kolkata. Who says there isn't a beautiful, green, quiet place to relax in this noisy, crowded city? We have the proof:

a few old and beautiful buildings:

but even more old and beautiful trees, growing around other trees and wrapped with vines (or more trees)

flowers and lakes and plenty of sticks, of course

...and then we came in sight of the biggest and oldest tree of all, the Great Banyan:
It looks like a grove, but it is a single tree that has spread out over the course of 250 years and now covers 4 acres. Walking through it (or should I say "in" it?) was pretty fun.

and that captures about 1/8 of it.


Anonymous said...

Mer showed us all the pictures, and it looks like a good time was had by all! So glad to hear you are doing well, and that she loved visitng with you so much! She even loved the food!! That banyan tree is incredible!! I love A's haircut!! And L's missing tooth! And BR's goofy antics!! What do you mean J doesn't like molasses cookies! I used to send them to him at college!?!?! Love and miss you all! Grammy

p-roc's mom said...

THAT is amazing. The tree, I mean. Wow.

Billy said...

How is NO ONE there? You must have photoshopped out all the picnics and frisbee games.

clairesd said...

Billy: you are right, i forgot to mention that not only was this place so pleasant to walk in because of the sights, it is also very, very quiet and empty. Except for birds. It's nice to know there is a place we can get to and get away from noise and crowds AND it's gorgeous, too.

Marie said...

This is just gorgeous Claire!