Saturday, January 22, 2011

good morning, it's time to play!

BR is the first to wake up around here. He is not allowed to wake his sisters so instead he sneaks quietly into my room and stands, perfectly silent, in front of my face until I wake up (this does not startle me at all).
Next on the list: a card game, the memory game (his favorite) or a little craft time.
Usually I try to talk him into bringing whatever game he has chosen into bed with me so I don't have to depart from it immediately, but it doesn't always work out so we often relocate to the dining table.I keep trying to convince him and his daddy to make this into "boy time", but so far neither of them are interested.
I don't know why, though... Go Fish before breakfast? What's not to love?

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Anonymous said...

talk to his unca alan about what is going on in his head as he stands silently waiting to scare you awake...