Wednesday, January 12, 2011

healthy competition

We play a lot of games when we're indoors. Luckily, Santa brought us a bunch of new ones and now mama doesn't have to lose her mind playing the same ones over and over again---I mean, so we can have even more fun! BR is particular good at Memory games, which means he's good at them, but also that he has played them so many times that he's memorized all the answers.

After many attempts, L. finally beat her daddy at "Settlers" the other day.

And A. loves Go Fish, Crazy 8's and Uno.

Aunt Mer joined in, too.
Some of us don't like to lose...

I have been using Boggle as a spelling game and playing with L. during homeschooling hours. This is the only game I am actually good at in the whole world. I don't know whether that is something to be really proud of or whether I should be ashamed to admit that. Anyway, I'm really good at it. The other day, I found the word, "ironclad." 11 points. Yes!


Anonymous said...

cylanI remember you cleaning my clock at Scrabble!!Hooray for bright kids!!

Kris Livovich said...

Mike refuses to play UNO - it's too annoying. Boggle? Why haven't we done that? Thanks for the new game night ideas!