Tuesday, July 27, 2010

say that again

We have been working with BR to try to teach him how to pronounce certain sounds correctly. He especially has trouble with "th." So we practice with the word "three."

"No, th-ree."
"Try again: thah-ree."

Ok, so we're still working on that one.

In the meantime, he has decided to give me lessons.

BR: "Say 'bowl,' Mommy."
Me: "Bowl."
BR: "Good. Now say, 'Ca-li-for-nia.'"
Me: "California."
BR: "Now say 'house'."
Me: "House."
BR: "Good. Now say 'chicka-booba-loopy.'"
Me: "Chicaboobaloopy."
BR: "Good, now say..."

You get the idea. (although I am not sure he does.)

Then yesterday I noticed that he also has trouble with the word "vegetable." The way he says it, it is either all "V's" or all "B's."

me: "Say 'vegetable'."
him: "Bedj-ta-ble."
me: "No, Vvvedg-tuh-buhl."
him: "Vvvedg-tuh-vuhl."
me:"Nope. Try again: Vvedg-tuh-BUhl."
him: "Vedg-tuh...spoon!"

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Anonymous said...

I think you ought to wait for a year before you get too serious about pronouncing a hard word like, 'vegetable'... GrandpaTom