Thursday, July 8, 2010

india update

The plans about when and where we'll go in India are continuously changing so it was no real surprise for us to learn upon our arrival in NY that we will probably not be going to Calcutta in September. Instead, we might go to Durgapur in November. Or maybe Chennai after all. Oh, and if things are all sorted out with a hospital in Malaysia, maybe we would like to pop over there, too, in March or so...?

The arrangements in Calcutta and Hyderabad with hospitals there have fallen apart (or something) so we won't be going there at all except perhaps as tourists. Durgapur is a virtual certainty and there is a fast train to Calcutta (it's two hours away or so). So we'll still be off to India sometime in the Fall, probably immediately after J's board exam in November so that we can consolidate our six months abroad instead of having to fly back and forth (phew).

Oh, and by the way (they said), it's not really six months, it's more like five because J. gets 4+1 weeks off a year.

But a lot of this is up to us, apparently. If we want to coordinate it, we can go anywhere. Now, if only J. had some contacts in an Emergency Department somewhere near a Thai beach...


p-roc's mom said...

whoa, did you really post this at 6:03 am? or is that still set to colorado time? cause if it's not, you win the industrious contest.

not that i was in the running anyhow, i'm just sayin'.


Yasu said...

I'm glad you all survived the heat wave! Reminded me of how the subway stops turn into saunas in the summer.

Anonymous said...

wha-a-at? not in Indya in sept-oct at all or just maybe not??
-the graMoM (the one headed to Indya in sept-oct!)