Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pain and suffering

a few of you have been curious: how has our year of moving from one temporary living suitation to another been working out so far?

Well, most of the housing options I found in our price range for this summer were about 700 sq ft of space on the 8th level of some unairconditioned building that most likely had a bakery or pizzeria (or some other oven-dependent business) on the ground floor.

But then we found this:

(a view from the hallway)
oh wait. let me take a few more steps backwards:
yes, that's more like it. But not quite giving the full picture just yet...

so let me take a few more...
there you go. much better.

and here is a view of the staircase to the upstairs loft area
with the extra bedroom and bath we do not use except for visitors.

yup, that's right, a veritable guest suite in NYC. Who knew such a thing existed?
And then there is the back patio:

with additional shared patio beyond that:

At this point you might be thinking to yourself, "Wait. But I thought that square footage in New York was notoriously limited!" Well, you are right, it is.

I guess because we stole it all.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found it! We loved our visit, AND the air conditioning, AND our own room and bathroom!!

myrtle hill said...

oooooooo. i'm coming.


p-roc's mom said...

serious. leave some square footage for us lowly peasants, man.