Monday, July 5, 2010

the first week

so what does one do during one's first week in NY at age 3, 4 and 6? Well, before we shut ourselves up inside with snacks and the A/C on high during the recent heatwave, we...

...had a hot dog party (or two) at the community garden, of course. and while we were there we played 'pin the hotdog on the monster' after running through the sprinklers.

rode the subway, rode the bus, took the Staten Island Ferry (and not throw yourself over the side even though you might try really, really hard. ahem, BR.)

look mom, no fighting!
(BR had to stay back for naptime, so that might explain the smiles)

view from the ferry

...went to Coney Island with P-roc, Aunt Jerah* and Godmother Christine. we enjoyed some rides, grabbed an ice cream cone and stuck our toes in the water

christine and the girls

joe, alex and levi. of course.

holding hands

jerah and me
we also:

walked, walked and then walked some more
(we are still getting used to this, but we have been very, very tough so far.)
played at Prospect Park.
went to Chinatown.
saw some old friends and even met some new ones.
explored the neighborhood library.
played at the sprinklers at the park over and over.
signed up for swimming lessons at the local pool and go there often for a dip (it's all free!)

Yes, I guess you could say that NY is quite dull. When can we get out of this place??

*for those of you who don't know her: yes, I have a sister named "Jerah". In one of the biblical genealogies, Jerah was son of Joktan. and yes, she is a gal. (our parents are just weird)

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beth said...

wow!! what a week. I didn't know there was that much fun to be had.