Friday, June 4, 2010

what three-year-old boys do

(subtitle: "maybe-if-I-blog-about-this-it-will-eventually-seem-funny")*

BR has been busy today. He has devoted himself to pinching, punching, kicking and scratching. His sisters, I mean. Oh, and he pulls their hair, too.

When he is not doing those things, he's staying busy with other activities.

During naps and timeouts in his room today, he decorated his bed and the carpeted floor with poo, the walls with Minerin cream (think: the thickest, oilest moisturing cream you can imagine) and stuffed the loo full of toilet paper.

At least he's feeling plenty of remorse:

*(runner-up subtitles included:

  • why the house won't be clean and the dishes won't be done when the landlord comes to show it to prospective tenants tomorrow morning
  • why dinner will be mac n'cheese tonight, again.
  • why nothing is packed for our move yet
  • why I googled "boarding-school-for-toddlers" (again. just to double check that such a thing still doesn't exist)


Kris Livovich said...

That is the worst! I hope it does eventually seem funny - I know I wouldn't be laughing yet. Hope the rest of your packing days go better.

Anonymous said...

I think he needs Grammie Boot Camp!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that is not funny.