Saturday, June 26, 2010

day 2

Another uneventful day and now we are more than halfway there. YES!

With the help of plenty of animal crackers, a variety of dried fruits, squirt guns and Color Wonder sheets along with a few HFCS-laced bribes--not to mention temps in the low 80's (thank the Good Lord!)--we arrived in IL safe and sound and...happy! Another small miracle.

Tomorrow there will be no driving. We will be playing with Heidi & Josh's kids and visiting all day. We'll pick up our A/C free cross-country adventure bright and early on Monday.

(unless we decide to quit here and get a job in Chi-town. it is very tempting...)

But before we sign off tonight, we must share the quote of the day: we were driving past a cemetery and L. asked me if there were "real people" buried there.
"Well, yes, after they die," I answered.
She thought for a moment. "Mommy, will they become saints....or zombies?"


Julia said...

Stay in Chicago! Your kids crack me up!

Anonymous said...

this girl needs to be home educated so she won't get these ideas about zomb... wait a minute... who told her about such things?

Kris Livovich said...

Ha! Tell her they will be both. Wasn't Lazarus the first?

pence2cents said...

definitely both

graMoM said...

hoping you are safely and happily playing with cousin P-roc now... following you but no email at the moment...