Friday, June 25, 2010

day 1

we drove for about 7 hours today and there is virtually nothing to report, which is wonderful. Only 23 more to go, heh heh...

the temperature was somewhere in the 90's and we are now somewhere in Nebraska. (the misting fans, somewhat miraculously, have not been broken yet!)

highlights included toys and treats from mom's goody bag. Among them, these:


and this:

we also enjoyed the (usually forbidden) ring pops L. bought with her tooth fairy money:

what is extra-cool about ring pops is that they do this to your tongue (we compared for quite awhile):

finally: we stuck in Billy's mix CD of "New York" music, and turned up the volume. We were rockin.
However, we have no intention whatsoever of not sleeping until we get to Brooklyn...we haven't (completely) lost our minds yet.
Goodnight, everyone!


Anonymous said...
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p-roc's mom said...

wow, that trip looks like too much fun. tell them to stop the fun-having immediately. geez.