Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Wedding

My cousin Bethany got married on the 29th. It was a beautiful wedding out in the countryside and so much fun.
We took a family photo since we were all gussied up, and it sort of worked out... Actually, I kind of like that cousin P-roc found a way into it and that L. is dominating the foreground. It kind of captures the mood of the whole crazy weekend.

I intend to add more photos of all the folks who came out west for the gathering (my dad's entire family made it, even the kids' great-grandparents!). In the meantime, my brother Garrett has some great shots up of the festivities on his blog, including plenty of action shots of all the kids.


Theresa said...

fantastic photo. i'm finally following you!

Anonymous said...

look at you in your pencil skirt and sassy blouse! you're so cute.