Sunday, March 14, 2010

st. pat's

Who knew that our st. paddy's day parade here would be so huge? We sat at the very beginning of the parade for two hours and all of the floats had still not crossed the start line. It was awesome. (But after two hours, we were kind of ready to go home.)

Here are some of the highlights:

irish dancers and irish wolfhounds (of course.)

Baby C. started to wail every time the music would start up.
I guess he and Gramom agree about bagpipes.

(Leia: notice that she wore her new special broach?)

I wished i could have been this guy in the parade. how cool is that.
a little bit of a breeze and he could have been airborne.

more irish dogs

plenty of antique firetrucks

Pretty much what you might expect at this kind of parade so far, right?
Now check out this next set. Bet your parade didn't have any of this stuff:

longhorn cattle:

st. bernard rescue people on a float, in green togas:

Iwo Jima memorial (with child actors):

But my all-time favorite (though completely mystifying) participants were these guys:

The kids loved every second. I couldn't blame them, it was awesome!

On the way home, I asked them their favorite part? It was unanimous: "The candy."


Anonymous said...

we have St Bernard rescue people in blue togas!

Anonymous said...

If you think the Denver parade was fun, just wait until aunt stacy and grammie take you to the big on at Thanksgiving!!

myrtle hill said...

gold flare was the perfect choice for that sweatshirt.

Jeremy said...

no st. patty's day parade is complete without storm troopers.

Kay said...

What WERE the storm troopers doing there anyway? Great pics- once again, forgot my camera :-)