Sunday, March 7, 2010

a momentous occasion

L. took a fall first this morning and needed a couple of stitches. We quickly transformed our dining room into a surgical space and Daddy went to work.

It was a little scary, but she was so brave! We were so impressed.

In the end, Daddy made it to work and we made it to church only a few minutes late. Guess he's gotten pretty quick at this sort of thing!


I guess L. was sobered by this whole ordeal, and she spent some time reflecting on her failure to heed my warnings not to climb on furniture. She must have decided that some recognition was in order because later on this morning she presented me with this:

note: a "CIA" is what the kids at school get when they are Caught in the Act while doing a good deed. On the notecard, you check off which good deed is being rewarded. If you look closely, you will see that I got mine (and some gobstoppers) for "telling kids to be careful."


Mama K said...

Dude. This is AWESOME! Congrats on your CIA. I can't wait til I get my first one. This is the best :-).

Billy said...

Oh man THAT is precious. I also like how J threw on his scrubs for the occasion (if I'm seeing it right).

Billy said...

Oh, i should have read more carefully - I guess he was already on his way to work. My bad. Still a good move though -- probably triggers the hospital's MP coverage, just in case.

Host said...

Any excuse to put on my work pajamas. You'll note that I did not receive a CIA :(

clairesd said...

J needs that MP caseL. decides to sue.