Wednesday, December 3, 2014


the "taxicabs" of Chiang Mai 
(we also spent a good 6 hours in one of these on
the day of the elephant ride/whitewater rafting/trekking literally took me three days to recover.  Too old for this)
this photo is a stand-in for the many subways, skytrains, etc. that
we rode on in Bangkok, mostly.  This street level train in Yangon was one of the rockiest rides we've
ever experienced, due to unevenly-laid rails (presumably?)

Cabs are fun!

We took a total of 8 flights during the 3 weeks.  Phew.
Time to plant some trees, or something.

the kids' favorite mode of transport: E-bikes!

It was our first time on bikes since May.  BR's bike quit on us half-way through so
we rigged up this system so he could coast behind his dad.  Amazingly, it
actually worked somehow.

We hired a driver and his van to take us the 7 hours from Bagan to Inle Lake (Burma).
It was the best option available, and we didn't mind seeing some of the countryside and smaller
cities of Myanmar.

boats!  I don't know how many of these we took, but plenty.
horse carriage

we're not on an island anymore---time for a roadtrip!


graMoM said...

not on an island? do you know where you are?

B Berry said...

Soooooooo enjoying your travelogue! I will certainly never go all these places - much less with three kids! Your family is amazingly fortunate. And luckily you travel with a doctor! Love to you all ~ Beth