Monday, December 15, 2014

How to beat the tropical heat in December. Fresh coconut milk smoothies: a tutorial

Step #1: buy fresh shredded coconut on Saipan, CNMI. (alternatively: you can harvest your own and shred it for free if you like.  But we pay the whole $1 dollar to have someone else do those steps for us)

2: Measure out fresh shredded coconut into blender (2 cups)
#3: Add two times as much water (4 cups)
#4: blend in blender.

#5: run mixture through nut milk bag to strain
#6: squeeze out every last drop of yummy coconut milk,
with a helper's help
 #7: add fresh or frozen fruits, plus vanilla (optional)

#8: blend


graMoM said...

Mommy, you are a good helper and The Man did a good job (obviously!)
I need to get myself a 'nut milk bag'. And a trip to an island where they do the shredding for you!

Auntie J said...

That looks delicious!