Thursday, December 4, 2014


Indian roti and bananas and chocolate--what a great idea
(sort of like sweet crepes)

dragonfruit smoothie
the amount of produce available in Thailand was mind-blowing 
vending machines in Japan sell everything you could ever want!

corn juice--we found this to be very common but never
actually tasted it.
outdoor, above-water eating in Inle Lake
Dear "Pooz" company: please consider re-naming your candy
fried crickets and grubs, yum

he bought a bag and ate some


graMoM said...

AND. . . how do fried bugs taste? after the crunch, was there any 'flavor;?? we all need to know the results of dad's culinary experiment!

Catherine Saylor said...

I want to hear a foodie review of fried bugs too!