Monday, September 15, 2014

the Internet is so cool

We learned about some strangely-named ocean creatures in a book and we wanted to look them up to learn more about them.  The Internet did not disappoint.
These guys are territorial and press their mouths up to rival males, as if they are kissing, to show who is dominant and has the larger lips:

"sarcastic fringehead"

Whoever named this was the sarcastic one, if you ask us.  Though L. found it "cute."

"sea mouse" also known as "beautiful bristle worm"

Some underwater creatures look like muppets:
These odd looking worms feed by drawing water into the tube and eating whatever plankton it might contain.  "Fan-shaped flaps in the middle of the worm's body create a water current.  Food is trapped in a slimy net, which is rolled up and passed toward the mouth.  A new net is then made and the process repeated."  (Eyewitness Ocean) 

Be sure to keep an eye out for the evil starfish in this video.

Or, an alternate title (as proposed by L.): "Let's study worm boogers"

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graMoM said...

Seriously? Worms?
Why is the 'Evil Starfish' so evil??