Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If you take a large can and pull off the lid and the bottom, cover one end with plastic wrap taped around the edges with waterproof tape, you've got yourself an "aquascope" for tidal pool viewing:
And behold: a sea snake!

sea cucumber

And if you get into deeper water, you can always use the old snorkel mask
And...tada!  That's what we call school! 

Sure, there's writing and reading and math work, too.  But so far, it has been very science heavy, thanks to plenty of experiments coordinated by our resident Scientist:

Here, they were preparing the plumb the depths of the ocean floor. 
They took measurements, they graphed their results--it was fun.

"submarine" experiment



tangle said...

Nifty!! I want one! :) Also, cheers to a science heavy start to the school year.

graMoM said...

Ahem, the "old Snorkel"?? I believe those snorkels are still new, unless you are wearing them out quickly...
(you know that sea cucumbers are a gourmet delicacy? heh, heh, heh...)