Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School has been happening, blogging has not.

We had a short week for our first week and the kids had one assignment: a research project to learn more about where we are! 
L. was to research the CNMI and find out what a U.S."Commonwealth" is and how it is different from Territories, Possessions or States.  BR and AM collaborated on a joint project on the history of Saipan.  
We spent a morning at the public library one day and unfortunately found very few resources there, and none geared toward children of their ages.  However, there were some non-fiction books available about Puerto Rico and, as the only other current commonwealth possession of the U.S., those ended up being pretty useful for L., though she ended up mostly relying on the Internet for her information.  As to the history of Saipan, the local CNMI Museum ended up being much more interesting than the library for the kids, and we were happy to have tagged along with another class for a fieldtrip there (no photos, too bad). 
Otherwise, we read some good chapter books, did some Math review and tried to adjust to a new groove at home.  Swim class for P.E. is pretty great.

Lunch on the balcony
Here is a peek at A. and BR's final project, a timeline of the settlement of Saipan:

(It was supposed to look like a traditional Chamorro canoe, like the pictures on display at the CNMI Museum)
L.'s assignment was to make a short video of her findings:

BR started soccer last week, too, and we found a piano teacher for L.  Hey, so far, so good! 

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Meredith Devey said...

Riceball, your timeline is incredible! So much history, creatively displayed. Well done.

Goose, thanks for teaching me more about CNMI. Apparently I've been misinformed, but you've set me straight. Plus, you've got a knack for film and it made me miss you terribly. I can't wait for December!

Mini-me, I love the haircut! You really need to stop growing though because I'm just missing out on too many moments with you!

I love you all,
Aunt Mer