Wednesday, June 18, 2014

she's 10

Over the last few days I have teased her, calling her "nine year-old" as often as I can.  As in, "How's it going, Nine year-old?"  She groans. "I am almost ten." 
Today I teased her that since we are not in the U.S. Central time zone (in which she was born), she is not actually ten yet.  She just rolled her eyes at me.

the calendar says 06/18 so it is official
We hosted a pool party with a few of our new friends and even though we didn't have any flour or baking powder or a baking pan, a mixing bowl or beaters, we still managed to produce a cake. 

Sadly, running the oven didn't make any difference at all to the overall temperature in our apartment.  Hot is hot.

Sadly, in this kind of heat, icing doesn't stay put even on a cooled-to-room-temperature cake.  The dragon and lettering she so carefully worked on mostly melted away into a goopy mess.

She didn't mind.  In her own words, "It will still taste good."  Atta girl.
One guest showed up with some homemade fresh mango-and-coconut ice cream
she had whipped up.  I hope you are all suitably jealous.  It was dee-lish.
I guess innovative creativity must run in the family: look at the "10" her son made out of legos!
The party was a success and L. had a great time.  We watched the movie "Holes" in the evening (having just finished the book a few days ago) and then we had seconds on the cake.  She was really, really happy.
Ever since we rounded the corner into 2014, I have spent some time fretting about what reaching this milestone might mean, and what changes are on the way.  It's time to let that go. 
Tonight I am keeping an eye on Ebay for some "heelys" she bid on with some of her birthday money. 
I also found this photo among others on my camera (she still likes to steal away and take photos while I am not watching) of a squatter in our apartment who likes to show up in the evenings:  

She loves animals.  She loves photography.  She is interested in just about everything.

New decade, same old L.   Happy birthday, kiddo.


L. said...

Guess what? I won the Heelys!

L. said...


graMoM said...

We missed talkin to you on your birthday!! So Sorry! Glad to see you celebrated with friends - in style! Great cake and the mango/coco ice cream looks unbeatable!
We love you!

Grandpa & graMoM
PS-glad you got the fins,mask,etc.!

mtmom said...

happy belated birthday, L!!