Monday, June 9, 2014

fun and funny

 The job is putting us up for a month.  The apartment is really very nice, and the complex is well-kept, and has a pool.  If they could, the kids would ditch the apartment and move into the pool.  I am tempted to, as well.   
view from our balcony
Funny kids:
L's long hair last 2 days and then it was over.

goofy and funny

The "flame trees" are in bloom right now.   They are just stunning and my photos don't do them justice.

this is the view along "Beach Road"--love it

(J's hair is also shorter to follow)
Jer doesn't start work for another week.  We are loving that, too, and plan to maximize the fun. 
We got local cellphones and pretty much right away the bizarre text messages started rolling in:


On Sunday we went to Mass.  It went a little over an hour and at the end we found out it had been in Tagalog all along. 

Not that we had mistaken it for English, we just assumed it was the Chamorro language.  ("My, don't all of these islanders look Filipino?" and "I guess Chamorro must've been more influenced by the Philippines than I realized!") Over an hour and we never caught on.  Ha!  Shows what we know...

A look at the prepared food section of the Japanese market. 


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this business has got it figured out.  I mean why work all the
time when you could just limit it to 3 days/wk



this was in the Filipino food section. I only wish I
knew what to use it for.  I am taking suggestions.

 And I don't know if this is exactly "funny" but it was certainly creative.  Today I saw a bumper sticker that read, "I Brake for Garment Workers."

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