Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Stop: the N.W.

We extended our layover in the Northwest to visit with family and see some friends, and a ballgame, and some sights.

Lena's got it good, living right along this walking trail!
stopped for a snack on Lake Union after the kids' longest bike ride evah. 

It couldn't have been more beautiful out.


Canadian raccoons love the beach!
BR loved his first visit to Canada

We are overwhelmed by all the GREEN!

Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

Lena and the little guy were my fans at a 5K I did.  Thanks, you two!

Next on the agenda: Saipan, CNMI!  We go on Tuesday. 
(Return trip: TBD.  Sometime next July, probably.)

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Catherine Saylor said...

Such pretty pictures! Have a safe trip today. We're praying for you!