Saturday, June 2, 2012

last month in Europe

A quaint Bavarian town:

...with a stopover to watch the Cambridge ladies at the regata.

Ok, not really.  We were really in the Northwest.  But we did go camping, and there was plenty of rain and fog, so the English and Germans would have felt right at home.  (And there was a crew team from Cambridge there--I'm not making that part up!)

But maybe Calcuttans appreciate cold like no others:

they look so happy to be wearing jackets!

What is it with little (reckless) boys and rushing water?!?

where there is water, things grow.  everywhere.

looks like little girls can't help themselves, either...

Happy times with good friends.  Rendezvous same place, in two years?

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graMoM said...

while the kids were campin and playin and hikin the grands of all five of those lil ones were livin it up in Eire'land!