Thursday, June 21, 2012

L. is 8!

There was kind of a dragon theme to this one.  Like, dragon party favors, dragon games (pin the fire on the dragon, hot-potato hot-dragon-egg, etc.) and a dragon cake, raahh!

the blue is a wave and the red is the glow of the sunset (duh)

dragon food art:


AND she had a slumber party, too!  Her very first, and boy was it exciting.  It was a first for all the little guests, too, which provided an almost perfect balance of giddiness and cautious nervousness (translation: they actually went to sleep at a pretty decent hour).  They read silly dragon poems and curled up in sleeping bags and watched a DVD (not about dragons, but no one minded) and got up early and had pancakes.  An all around success.

Happy Birthday, L.!


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, L! Wish we could've been there to celebrate with you - but we'll come soon! We will fly in on our dragon named SW and land at his cave about 2 hours away from you. We can't wait to see how you look as an 8 year old! :)Granny

graMoM said...

WoW a Happy birthday to you, great 8-year old! (Your home looks great dressed in party. you should have lots more... at least 5 a year!)

graMoM said...

hey girls and bro', we are wondering how it is goin with your cousants... please post lotsa pics when you get done eatin and goin cool places and eatin and playing!