Tuesday, June 5, 2012


At the edge of town, in a truck stop off Exit 16, in a place that used to be called "Country Kettle," they opened an Indian restaurant. 

Not fry-bread-Indian---I mean tandoori-chicken-Indian.  Or, channa-masala-Indian.  Or, naan-and-paratha-Indian.  Any of the above; they serve them all. 

The lunch buffet is served at the old truckstop diner, at their salad bar. It's tacky and the service is horrible, but the food is dee-lish.  It's really all that was missing around here.  We can't very well leave now, can we?

So, yeah, we bought a house.  Come visit, ya'll!


tangle said...

If this was facebook, I'd be clicking "like" til the site crashed.

Jenn said...

Oh no you di'int! I'm not ready for that stuff yet!