Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night

the pumpkins were dressed,

we were dressed... oh wait.

4:30pm and I am still sewing.  (but see my smile? that's because I Don't Mind At All!)

And then finally we were dressed: a parrot, a cheerful vampire and a superhero!

first stop: our neighbor Octavia.  She is in her nineties and loves the kids.  (she gives out apples!)

(this guy had the best costume ever.  too bad he couldn't walk in it)

We still have time before our Saints Party on Saturday to take suggestions.  I'm thinking that one of us needs to do the old eyeballs-on-a-platter thing.  Otherwise, I'm really desperate for ideas.  When I asked BR who he would like to be, he said: "I want to be that saint with the sword...and the thing that looks like a gun." 

1 comment:

graMoM said...

cute kids but I like the granny! how did she get that realistic costume - apple baskets and all?... she even got the parrot to fly!
It looks like too much fun. (and all with a few old t-shirts, right, Mom?)