Sunday, November 20, 2011


One of these days I will post some of L.'s Etch-a-Sketch dragon creations. They are really, really cool and impressive. So impressive, in fact, that at a pizza gathering the other night with some strangers (I mean, new friends), one of the new friends came up to me with the Etch-a-Sketch in her hand. "Look at this! She's seven! I mean look at it!" And I didn't want to be annoyingly-gushy mom so I said, casually, "Yeah, I know. It's pretty great, huh?" And she kept waving it around and saying, "She's SEVEN! LOOK at this! I mean, LOOK at it, have you SEEN this?!?" over and over again and I just said "Yeah, right?" or some other nonsense and it went on for so long that I got just a teeny tiny bit beet-red and looked shy and proud at the same time and then, yes, I gushed a little.

Right away, the admirer walked away in disgust muttering something about how that's what blogs are for and stop gushing about your kids at pizza parties with perfect strangers. (Not really, but she did kind of huff and then leave abruptly which was really kind of weird.)  So here I am.

She's only seven.  Prepare to be utterly amazed.


L.'s "fire-breathing dragon" that we hung on the wall so we could play pin-the-tail-on-the dragon:

it was HUGE!  As big as BR:

next up, a black on white drawing of a dragon, which L. carefully covered with individually cut pieces of construction paper, re-detailed and then laminated:

Finally: a book written by L. featuring mythical characters of her own invention.  (be sure to read through all of these carefully, you won't be sorry you did!) all-time fave:


Billy said...

Excellent work, L.!! I love that you told about the characters too -- makes me want to see more about them in a story.

p-roc's mom said...

Omg, weinercorns are my FAVORITE animals ever!! How did you know, L?

L. said...

I practiced, guys. Plus, there is a boy in my class who's better at dragons than me.

graMoM said...

boys and dragons sometimes go together well - do you know why?

Kris Livovich said...

Weinercorns sound like they would be yummy if you roasted them.

Jenn 'n Glen said...

I thought the Swimmicorns were brilliant but then I scrolled down and *wow* a Weinercorn?!!! So cool! I killed myself laughing though because I thought she wrote that the Weinercorn was an a-hole. Oops!