Wednesday, November 30, 2011


can be so bossy.  Like when there is a kid around who is younger than him.  He is so relieved to have someone to push around who isn't wise to his manipulative ways. 

Yesterday we were babysitting some friends, ages 2 and 11months.  I called "all the kiddos" to dinner (the 11 month old ignored me because he was too busy eating turkey bones out of the trashcan.  Or pulling out tupperware from the lower cabinets.  Or pulling the magnets off the fridge and eating them, I don't remember.  One of those things.).  BR turned to the 2 year-old girl: "She said 'kiddos' so that means you, too."

And then he noticed an opportunity to pawn off his pre-dinner setting-the-table chore, so he added: "Hey, there are five of us so we'll be needing five forks, okay?"


Billy said...

I like him already!

Maria said...

HAHA! I'm here to claim responsibility for the existence of said 11 month old, although God and my husband played a big role, too :) You should see him at home. He doesn't stop with turkey bones. Thanks, C, for playing with them the other night!

graMoM said...

ANYbody remember the 'hanoot' in the lower, kitchen cabinets? Hooray for tupperware down low where short people can sell it off to some unsuspecting buyer!