Tuesday, October 18, 2011

what's in your freezer?

Oh kind and generous relatives and friends who recently contributed to L.'s school fundraiser: thank you.  You were very kind and L. is very proud to have done so well as an over-the-phone-salesperson. 

However.  It turns out that when they gave us the order form (with a space to input addresses and phone numbers) what that meant was: "the cookie dough will be dropped off at the school for you to pick up" rather than, "we will deliver orders to the addresses you provided."  (WHY?!?  Why even include addresses and phone numbers if it makes no difference to the company?!?)

So now I have something like 15 boxes of (outrageously expensive) dough in my freezer. You will all be getting a full refund and we will be donating this stuff to an upcoming holiday bazaar so that at least this nonsense can go to some use and benefit a second charitable cause or something.

Well, maybe we'll keep one or two boxes around to benefit our Thanksgiving guests and their tummies.  But the rest needs to get OUT of my refrigerator stat.


Kris Livovich said...

oh man, is that annoying. You should definitely eat some to make up for your time and trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hey Claire don't worry about sending us the money enjoy the cookies or give them away whenever that's great well you can actually save us some for Thanksgiving love granny