Tuesday, October 4, 2011

no cowboy boots or hat, but...

...about ten days ago we did buy a pickup.  It's a 14 year-old Ford F150 with a manual transmission that drives just as well as you might expect a vehicle of its kind to drive (remember Dan's van in 1997, Kit?).  

Then Jer and I each drove a vehicle into the Big City for the weekend.  He had to fly out to Chicago for his very last Board Exam (last one, woohoo!) and I had to get out of Radiator Springs and also pick up a dining set. 

 A. documented our trip into town. 

we raced Daddy and BR on the way there (no we didn't)

we passed Casa on the way (tee hee)

I loaded up the truck and headed home.  (wow, typing that was so much easier than doing it.)

(somewhat ironically, the table and chairs were made in India)

There is another benefit of owning a pickup that we had not foreseen:

the bed provides not only a new place to play but a stage for impromptu street performances!

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Jenn said...

Times are hard, eh? Gotta send the kids out to go beg for money? Don't say they haven't learned anything from India... ;-)