Friday, October 21, 2011

livin' for the weekend

last Friday: trip to the Zoo and the Aquarium with some Colorado friends

my littlest goddaughter who is ALWAYS smiling.  What a great kid, I am totally smitten.

This was the calmest Zoo visit of all time.  These six kids all stuck together and didn't wander off or get lost, they enjoyed themselves and the animals, and they didn't melt down.  They broke all the rules that day. 
It was downright pleasant, the whole time and not just the beginning part of it.

Saturday: a picnic out in a pinon forest with Daddy and his friend Marc (visiting from Seattle) and a kids' movie night with friends. (no photos of the day, sorry)

Sunday: I did a 4.5 mile trail run with some friends in the early morning and then L. and BR and I participated in a 6-mile hike up to the top of this rock:

There was a rattlesnake right around that next corner.  no photos because I was trying to keep curious kids away from it.  (btw: those things are LOUD; I thought the rattle sound was a filmmaker exaggeration, but no)

(having more than a hundred folks on the peak at the same time made me kind of nervous.  we climbed down as soon as we could)

BR loves to "slide" his way down.  goodbye knee-skin.

Last weekend was awesome.  Great weather, great time outdoors (and I had a nice little nap on Monday to try to recover from all the fun).  So the question is...can this weekend even come close?  I mean, we saw old friends and we made some new ones and it was sunny and--

...what's that? 


                                                            I can't hear you, speak up...

                         ...that's this weekend?  you're sure?


            's a --what?  and it's being held tomorrow, you say?

Aw, yeah.


Auntie J said...

oh MAN. Can't believe I'm missing THAT film festival. You have to let us know how it goes... :)

graMoM said...

JUST what the grandparentals want to read, 'around the corner was a rattlesnake'!!! and, 'busy keeping the kids at a distance!' argh.... [is that the kind of adventure dr.'s kids do?]