Tuesday, February 9, 2010

not exactly what I meant

When I picked up La Luz from school, I told her a bit about our day while she was gone. At one point, we had done some sorting through boxes and A. and BR had "helped" me.

Me: "Hey L., today A. and BR played with me down in the cellar."
L. (casual as can be): "Oh, was there a tornado?"

then, later:
Me: "Hey L, did I tell you that I had an accident in the car yesterday?"
L. (a little shocked): "You peed in your pants in the car?"


p-roc's mom said...

aack! well at least you know what rank certain fears hold, in her mind: peeing your pants definitely comes before car accidents, and tornadoes place last...

Mama K said...

I mean, really, mom... that's so embarrassing. How awesome! I love this :-)

kit said...


le petit prince said...

so lovely and genuine. j'adoooooooooooore