Monday, February 8, 2010

name calling

There is another L. in our L.'s kindergarten class! They have become friends and the other L. came over for a playdate over the weekend. I laughed to discover that they call each other by their first and last names, just like their teacher and classmates do. I tried to explain they didn't have to do that when they addressed each other, but they didn't seem to get it.

Some of you might remember that when Aunt Kay was a little girl, she got fed up with all the extra and unpronounced letters in English words. French is (somewhat) more phonetically-correct and the spelling of words like "brought" and "though" with their silent "gh's" seemed pretty arbitrary (and silly) to her in comparison. She informed us one day: "I am going to change the spelling of my name. From now on, I will spell my name L-U-G-H and it will be pronounced 'Kay.' "
I guess L. has decided something similar. When A. asked her the other day how to spell her name, I overheard her answer: "P-U-B."
So, she might have been craving some fine English ale, or she might have just been messing with her sister. But I kind of think that, like her auntie so many years ago, she has had enough and has decided to liberate herself from the tyranny of the English language.

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p-roc's mom said...

I think I told you this: P insists that his name is spelled P-I-S.

I mean, they're right on the money sometimes, aren't they?