Monday, May 11, 2009

pure sweetness

In addition to the word "no," BR has a few other great loves.

Ba-ket-boh, of course. He has ba-ket-boh radar, apparently. He looked through all the books in the house and found every picture of one and will go around showing everyone who will pay attention. "Mommy, 'ook! A ba-ket-boh!" If you can't see it right away, he will point helpfully: "right hee-oh!"
I tried to recycle the newspaper a few days ago and he chased after me, "Mama! No! Ba-ket-bo!" Sure enough, there was a picture of some basketball players and their "Ba-ket-bo HOOP!"

And of course, between all the bickering, he remembers how much he loves his big sisters. Especially L. He just follows her around and will do pretty much anything she says. I was getting ready for a jog the other day and his bottom lip started to quiver. I said, "L., Riceball is sad that I'm going on a run, could you play with him and try to make him happy, please?"
"Ok. I guess I could draw him some pictures or something. Come on, BR, let's go!"
He immediately stopped crying and trotted after her. I found pictures later guessed it! Ba-ket-bohs!


Anonymous said...

when he gets cranky, just send him outside to play hoops for a while...

-his graMoM

le petit prince said...

isn't he bouncing with grand sister L? I thought "baket booh" was basket of books, as if he was already into that browsing trip. thanks for sharing. keep jogging!

Julene said...

Awwww! Sounds familiar!