Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Seoul (again) and a Hiking Trip

these lobsters were Yuge!

They like to play this game while we walk around town.  They give directions and warnings ("step up onto the curb in 3..2..1" and "sharp left turn" and so on):


This child was too tired and hungry to do a lizard imitation
(Ah...Everyone fed and energized.)

once we climbed high enough, there were some Fall colors
 The town near the Park did not have much English.  We had to order off the menu by pointing and hoping we would like what was served. It worked out pretty well for us and we enjoyed some delicious dishes.


I'm not sure why this was at a food court, but we all
 need inspiration, anywhere and any time of day...right?

This is a sign in a regular ol' subway station in Seoul. (Hello, NYC and Chicago: you can do better, I know you can!)

ps: the "Information" spot they are talking about was an actual
office in this case.  Not a booth but an entire office.

Another great trip to Korea.  We didn't redo the DMZ tour this time, nor did we see any of the cherry blossoms, and there were no baseball games to go to, but we didn't mind!  We always have a great visit, and anyway, we can never get enough of dumplings and kimchi.

What can I say? We are easy to please.

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