Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Lee Byung Kyu!"

We made it about 10 hours in Korea without going to a baseball game.  And then we gave in.  
We got ourselves onto the subway and headed to the stadium.  Bought our tickets and "chicken and beer" (which is evidently a baseball tradition here) and found our seats on the "Twins" side of the stadium.

We had heard that these games are full of entertainment and fun, and boy were we NOT disappointed.  There is never a dull moment.  Each player has his own song and all the fans know it ("LEE! BYUNG! KYU!"*) and there are MCs for each team whose job it is to hop around on a stage and lead the crowds in songs, chants, choreographed dances and cheers, and the like.  (The MC for the opposing team was wearing what looked to be a white cape and white boots, which was Amazing.)

There are cheerleaders, too!

And there was a free bouncy house at the stadium, open to kids ages 8 through 10.  I swear, that's what the lady said when I asked how tall the kids needed to be in order to play there.  
So as I signed them in, I was wishing so bad that I could speak Korean because there was NO way she believed that my kids were actually 8, 9 and 10.  ("Sure they are, American lady, sure they are...")

*ps: There were actually two players on the Twins team with the exact same name.  Jerseys 7 and 9 read "Lee Byung Kyu")

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graMoM said...

no other 8-10 year olds at baseball game??? (I bet she didn't believe you telling her they were all between 8-10!)