Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We met a Flemish-Belgian family we all went out to dinner one night.  Without having a particular restaurant in mind, we decided to walk until we found a traditional barbecue place that could accommodate the ten of us.  I walked confidently into one restaurant, expecting the usual smile and "Anyong ha seyo!" greeting from the staff. 

Instead, there was complete silence, and a look of surprise (and nervousness?) on their faces.

I hesitated, confused, but decided not to give up too soon.  We all crowded into the entryway, and stood waiting.

The owner finally composed himself and came over to us.  He had just enough English to explain to us that this was not a typical BBQ place.  Their specialty: cow stomach and intestine.  He did not insist that we leave, exactly, but strongly recommended that we eat elsewhere since it is more of an acquired taste and the children would most likely not enjoy it.

We thanked him and decided to move on.  

About three hours later, we had finally finished dinner but none of us could decide if we had made out any better than we would have with the cow intestine.  We inadvertently ordered spicy marinated chicken feet--lots and LOTS of it!


fresh seafood market in (chilly) Sokcho, on the eastern coast

McD's "bulgogi burger"

Lucky for us: the kids LOVE kimchi as much as their dad does.  They can't get enough.  Really!

kimchi snack-pack, can be found at any convenience store
melon-flavored "milk"
Sunny took us out to the most delicious lunch after a hike in Seoul


graMoM said...

Knowin that Bulgogi is listed at number 23 on the World's 50 most delicious foods readers' poll compiled by CNN, we are glad you got to taste it! How would you rank it on a list of delicious foods (somewhere between fudge and your favorite curry or up near cheesecake which is clearly near the top of the list!)??

L. said...

Bulgogi ties sushi for my favorite food (not counting deserts!).