Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sunset cruise as Homeschooling

Last summer, J. and I celebrated our anniversary with a dinner cruise on the Jade Lady III.  Ever since then the kids have been begging and pleading to be allowed to go, too.  They pitched it to us as an educational opportunity, since we have been studying "ocean-related careers" after all.  Given that this business combines sightseeing-tourism, fishing, dining and entertainment, they had a point. 

However: there was still the price factor.

But then the folks at "Sunset Cruise" offered $5 tickets for the kids.  And that's the story of how we went on a dinner cruise and logged it as schoolwork.

$5 included all-you-can-drink juice, and awesome views.

A. worked in a professional interview with the entertainer, while L. kept her eye on the wildlife swimming by:

The grande finale is always a dance party up on deck.  

                                                    Who says learning can't be fun?

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graMoM said...

Hey Mom, YOUR homeschool teacher told you it was fun, remember??

The dance party looks like an educational experience!! Wish I was a student in your school...