Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekend Report

The weekend started out pretty low-key, though there were a couple of "firsts" to celebrate.  We discovered that we love soursop (guanabana).  Then I made some yummy homemade yogurt:

J. went on his first open-ocean fishing trip.  It was on Saturday, the day before Bavi hit, and he managed to take this photo before spending the rest of the trip on the floor of the boat.
J's note to self: don't go on a fishing boat the day before a tropical storm
 The "Ocean Swim" race was cancelled on Sunday morning because of, oh, 
that whole incoming tropical storm thing
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 BR did not get blown away, thankfully

 The storm hit, we lost power and had an excuse to grill up that fresh fish from J.'s fishing trip

It is so quaint to eat by candlelight

(for a few hours only and then it gets old and I pine for running water and electricity again)
 The storm took down a really big tree.  Which took down 3 others.

It kind of wrecked the yard.  (So we had to cancel the backyard birthday party planned for Tuesday)

We drove around a bit to see what the island looked like after the storm...
some flooding

the sea was all roiled up at Banzai Cliff

some folks had worse luck than us, for sure...

Oh, and we spotted a sea turtle from the top of the cliff (it's that tiny
dot in the middle of the photo)
We lost power and internet and water for about 28 hours but everything is back to normal and a crew was here today, working on clearing out the yard.  All is well on our end.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Vanuatu who are still recovering from Cyclone Pam.

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graMoM said...

Glad to hear you are all well. What are the plans for the cancelled bday party??