Thursday, March 19, 2015

Soursop, aka Guanabana or graviola (by L.)

  Soursop, also known as guanabana, is my favorite fruit.  The scientific name for it is annona muricata.  It is truly unlike any other fruit.  There are very many interesting facts about this tropical fruit.  Here are a few facts about soursop that might interest you.

  Most people agree that soursop tastes delicious.  I don't know why 'sour' is in the name; it's much more sweet than sour.  The texture is a bit like ice cream, smooth and soft.  It is gummy to the taste, and the seeds are easy to spit out.

  Soursop has many uses, too. You can just eat it plain, or it can be made into smoothies, tea, and much more. According to some, soursop can even be used as a cancer treatment.

  Soursops are abundant here, most likely because the tropical climate here is ideal for the soursop tree.  As a result, on Saipan, you can find them at almost all of the local produce markets.  If you are lucky enough to live in (or have visited) a tropical place such as in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Southeast Asia or Hawaii then you may have encountered them already.  But unfortunately, they are rare in the Continental U.S.  Still, I discovered that you can purchase them canned, frozen or online.

  When soursop are ripe, they are a bit squishy.  Soursops are green with soft spines sticking up from the skin. The flesh is white and there are many large black seeds near the center of the fruit.  Soursop trees are tall and thin with waxy looking, oval shaped leaves.  The meat is a bit like a custard, it is sweet and a bit tangy.

  There are many reasons to like soursop, from its taste to its appearance, to its many uses.  Soursop is a delicious, interesting fruit that people all over Saipan enjoy. Who knows? Maybe you will like it too! 


graMoM said...

Wondering what the polite thing is to do with the seeds therein? Should I suggest at whom one should should spit them??

Billy said...

Your writing is great, L! Please keep these coming.