Thursday, November 13, 2014

more from Bangkok

red bean and corn yogurt--surprisingly delicious!

modesty code for temple attire.  I was wearing a sleeveless top that day and had
to stand in the "queue of shame" to borrow a shirt.  

L. and I visited the "Grand Palace" alone one afternoon.
It was the former home of the royal family but the current one now lives in a brand spankin' new palace somewhere else, evidently

we switched hotels and ended up on the 37th floor of one in a downtown district.
Don't look down!

fresh fruit break: take your pick of pomegranate, jackfruit, pineapple, rose apples,
watermelon, guava, papaya & more, from any of thousands of roadside stalls

Chinatown deliciousness

more Chinatown deliciousness

we love cabs! (except when we're crawling in rushhour traffic)

We love ferris wheels by the river!

we love night-time river taxi rides

and we love river taxis during the daytime, too.


graMoM said...

you got to see the view from far above the city = well-done!
so proud of you finding all that fun in b'kok!

Auntie J said...

P-roc says "Oh. My. Gosh. That is cool."