Sunday, November 9, 2014

9hrs in Narita

(jackets and sweatshirts and shoes, oh my!)

Yesterday we had a stopover in Japan so we visited the city of Narita, near the airport.  We happened to come through on a festival day and the road that leads up to the big temple and gardens was closed to traffic in honor of the event.

An ad on the train:"Moist, Diane" (I am intrigued by the comma)

Get your goo here!

Look close, P-roc: those are squids and snakes in jars

Can't get fresher than this eel that is stored in barrels
and then sliced and grilled up on order.

(oh, they would be, wouldn't they...)

And so begins the tour-of-Asian-temples string of blog posts (no doubt...since that's what we'll see in Thailand and Myanmar/Burma, too...)
a grey and rainy day, perfect for our Seattle daddy...


kit said...

amazing! [your hair]
the trip looks rad, too.
temples are such a good way to learn history. i hope the trip is fabulous. wish we were there.

Auntie J said...

I love the short hair on all of you!

So this is your version of dragging your kids to every cathedral in Europe… :)