Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bird Island, Saipan

This is one of several wildlife sanctuaries on the island and a new favorite snorkeling spot of ours.  It's a steep and muddy hike down, but it only takes 10 minutes so it is totally worth it.
The area up to the little island is shallow and reef-protected so it is quite safe, and the island itself has a lot of little tidal pools on it, some of which are really deep and cool! 

Evidently, if you get too close to the birds or start to climb up on the island to get higher, they freak out and start to dive-bomb you and decorate you with their droppings.  So we keep our distance.

There is an overlook where tourists stop by to take photos.  Here is my crew of three, two of whom turned Korean for this shot. 

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