Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Report (Part III): at home

other stuff we did this summer...

we won the softball championship!

we worked on the yard

we watched the parade:

(Navajo Code Talkers)
we went hiking

we taught an art class ("How to Draw Nibbles [the Hamster]")
we wrote and performed plays
we cheered on some of our mountain biker friends at the National Championships:

(a smoothie-maker bike--see the back?)

and we (finally!) finished the backyard project:

(for those of you who do not live in the desert, let me explain that turf and rocks just plain make sense around here.  that said, I would like to get some lavender bushes and spanish broom in here, and some ivy along the fences, too.  Maybe next year, unless we move to the tropics or something)
...and now we can actually play in it!  

side yard:
We have been eating most of our evening meals out there on the new lawn.  It is so pleasant now that it isn't all mud and burrs...

okay, no we did not do this whole job without outside help. but yes,
we are so proud and happy about how it turned out.


alan said...

way to go AM! That's a really big deal!

Aunt Jerah said...

that yard looks awesome!