Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Report (part I)

My friend Jeannette came all the way from Egypt/Princeton, NJ to visit and I showed her some of the local sights and colors of our area.

I took her to see some of the pawn shops and jewelers downtown and she managed to find an Arab vendor and talked Middle Eastern politics with him for awhile. 

Then we went to the International Folk Art Festival and she immediately became chummy with some fellow Arab women from Palestine (their textiles are beautiful!!):



We had one of those road trips where everything went smoothly and we found parking right away and the hotel room was lovely and the restaurants were affordable AND delicious, and we even had time to visit a couple of museums.  How simple and easy everything was came to us especially meaningfully when twice we averted serious disaster: once on the highway when the car in front of us blew a tire at 80mph and bounced into the air but landed without any greater drama.  The second time was when, in the old plaza in downtown Santa Fe, we were admiring a parade of classic cars and had just stepped away when lightning hit the tree we had been standing close to and shot off bits of bark large enough to send several people to the ER.  Our ears rang from the noise for quite awhile afterwards.

Amina from Morocco

summer monsoon skies