Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gd Cyn

Is it as Grand as it is hyped up to be? 


(look at the teeny tiny people up there on the right)

Yes, it is.

Did all the other canyons and rock formations we have visited over the last year and a half make the Grand-est one less epic for the kids?  Somewhat surprisingly: no. 

It was all that ice covering the walkways, and the snow, that ruined it for them.  It is much more exciting to slide and roll around and throw snowballs than to look at some dumb canyon. 

Also, we had just been to Vegas, and apparently, according to L., "the Stratosphere hotel is cooler than the Grand Canyon." 


Aunt Jerah said...

hahahahaha, that's crazy! the stratosphere hotel must be amazeballs.


graMoM said...

Grand(?)Canyon has no arcade/game room and we can't see the health spa... but the Stratesphere does (of course)!